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A truly fascinating interview. I can imagine your frustration on reading: " I approached about ten British publishers and – after several months and many rejections –" as on three occasions I experienced the same - although I only submitted very long samples, not translations of the whole novels - to no fewer than thirty two French publishers. I suppose that is the “packaging method” your refer to?
One comfort is that one publisher rang me up and was very keen… but deemed that the book had too many pages, meaning it would be costlier to translate, I suppose. Understandably, as publishers are running a business, financial considerations play a major role in their policy! Others said they liked my translations but the books did not fit with their editorial line. I even went so far as to send a copy of one of the original books, to two different publishers: neither thanked me for it.
On the plus side, the most pleasurable thing was translating and corresponding with the authors (two in the USA, one in the UK), always very gracious and helpful. I felt that they were talented and that their books were well worth being made available to a French readership.
Your dedication backed up by your talent as a translator clearly paid off in the end! Toutes mes félicitations!

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